Facial Acupuncture

Constitutional facial rejuvenation is a safe all natural non-invasive way to anywhere from 5 to 15 years younger.

The beauty of this treatment is the aspect of ‘constitutional’ by looking at your body’s innate energy (Qi) as well as your face.  By working with your Qi & how it flows blockages are unblocked which may be affecting your overall health, thereby affecting your face.  Lets “face it” (sorry had to) if you are super stressed, it will show on your face; tense pursed lips, tight jaw, squints.  The acupuncture is able to lessen the stress of your whole body, and then the facial acupuncture may address the manifestation directly and locally easing the fine lines or deeper wrinkles.


  • improves collagen production & muscle tone

  • reduces sagging & the appearance of bags

  • helps to eliminate fine lines & lessen deeper wrinkles

  • improves facial color

  • tightens pores & brightens eyes

  • increases blood & lymph to reduce inflammation & redness