Facial Acupuncture Treatment Plans

Your first office visit would be 90+ minutes where we will go over your treatment goals.

Ideally subsequent visits would include two 45-minute treatments a week or a single 90-minute treatment. 

Ongoing a recommended 90 minute treatment every 2 weeks, then we can develop a personalized plan to maintain the results.

After the first treatment, you should observe an increased glow to your complexion that is the result of increased Qi & blood flow to your face. There should be a clarity in your eyes & you should appear more rested; wrinkles will start to lessen & your skin should appear more toned.

A significant difference in appearance with changes in wrinkles & skin tone can be noticed between the 5th - 7th treatments but will differ depending on skin type. The impression of relaxation & calm is more pronounced; you may appear as if you have returned from vacation!

By the end of a full series, you should expect to look & feel at least 5-15 years younger & feel an improvement to your overall health & balance.  You should be more relaxed, sleeping better, have more energy, better digestion, decreased headaches, etc.

This treatment is not recommended with pregnancy, sickness, vertigo or any active outbreak of herpes, severe migraines or 3 weeks within laser usage. As with any needling, some bruising may occur.


$150 for your first 90+ minute visit

$120 for 90 minute follow up

$60 for 60 minute follow up

This can feel like a significant investment, we can work with you to achieve the maximum results if the standard protocol doesn’t work within your budget.

We have membership cards available for this service