An amazing gentle & all natural approach for sagging or wrinkling skin of the face and neck. 

The effects rejuvenate & firm the face, eyelids & neck without the downtime of other procedures. It can also slow the progression of wrinkles, crows feet & fine lines. The micro injections are absorbed via the subdermal plexus & produce specific results such as reducing inflammation, hydrating, increasing elasticity & replenishing the skin. The therapy restructures mature skin & can help to repair traumatic skin imperfections (scarring).

Mesotherapy is a series of superficial micro injections using medication, vitamins, minerals & other substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. The ingredients contain naturally occurring micronutrients, which are beneficial to the skin.The needles are extraordinarily small & created specifically for the application on the face which is so sensitive.

We recommend a series 10 - 20 sessions alternating each week with Facial Acupuncture followed by Mesotherapy.